Vitamin K  Skin Care
"For Spider Veins and Bruises with 10% Vitamin K"
10% Vitamin K Cream
Vitamin K Cream

K-Cream40zVITAMIN K CREAM, 2 oz, and 4 oz jars for spider veins, scars, itchy skin and bruises with professional strength 10% Vitamin K, Vitamin E and Pycnogenol®. Use before and after surgical procedures including sclerotherapy and liposuction to minimize postoperative bruising. Previously available only through plastic surgeons and dermatologists to promote faster healing after surgery. Small spider veins disappear instantly.  Effective on diabetic rashes also.

    Vitamin k Cream has no dyes and no perfumes and smoothes on evenly and contains natural ingredients, is hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic.
    Vitamin K Cream with Pycnogenol® has the following additional benefits;
    • Multiplies collagen (a skin protein) and elastin binding, improving skin
    • Smoothness and elasticity
    • Slows the wrinkling process
    • Suppresses inflammatory enzymes, decreasing puffiness and swelling.
    • Obstructs histamine formation, reducing allergic skin reactions
    • Strengthens capillaries, arteries and veins, thus reducing leakage and color lines.
    • Reduces the risk of swelling.
Vitamin K Cream in 2 and 4 oz jars ..... $18-$35

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Vitamin K Treatment:

 Directions: Apply to warm, moistened skin twice a day. For best results, apply immediately afterbath or shower, while skin pores are open. Massage briskly into skin. The key to Vitamin K's success is consistent and regular use, following directions. 

What is the history of Vitamin K?
The use of Vitamin K to promote healthy healing of skin is well documented, dating back to the early 1900's. It has been used for years by leading surgeons and dermatologists before, during and after surgeries to promote the healthy healing of skin.

What are the uses of Vitamin K Cream?
Vitamin K Cream  aids in the healing of bruises, burns, skin irritations and can eliminate unsightly spider veins. The natural ingredients found in Vitamin K Cream have a synergistic effect that stimulates epithelial growth and promotes healthy granulation and clarification of damaged skin tissue.

What is a spider vein?
A spider vein results when a tiny pinhole tear occurs in a capillary or artery beneath the skin. Stress or some type of trauma usually causes this; i.e. childbirth, car accident, sport injury, or from a contact bruise. What you actually see is the blood that has seeped out of that tiny tear or pinhole and has followed the line of the capillary or artery. As an example, imagine putting a drop of water on a pencil - the drop will follow the line of the pencil.

Where does Vitamin K come from?
Vitamin K is a natural substance found in vegetables - alfalfa, spinach, kale, carrot tops, tomatoes and certain vegetable oils.